September 20, 2007


Well, Sin and Punishment finally showed up on the wii shopping channel, so I bought it quickly. But I already finished it! I remember back in the day that game took me a month to get through; it was the most brain-reflex-intensive game, and still is, but I guess gaming brains like mine have moved on to bigger 3D world comprehension challenges. Still, it is cool as anything to fly around on a piece of concrete destroying an entire navy. Next I will try hard mode, if I can find it in those horrendously dim katakana menus. Other than those, things look a lot better than I remember.
In case you are wondering, I had the Japanese connection when I was in America, that's how I got to play this.

Reminds me, when I visited America, Benny had a NES and we played Mario bros. I was dying left and right; the controls just didn't feel natural.