September 22, 2007

More test stuff

Chinese pirates are awesome. They get all the best stuff online these days. Okay, maybe the questions from previous years' JLPT tests isn't outright piracy, but it is on a Chinese website. Yes, this is in my shared items right now; I hope people look at that thing.

Anyhoo, it helped me fine-tune my studying a bit. A while back, Alex introduced me to the program Anki, which has improved my vocabulary tons. Well, I am currently deleting the English (production) side of most of the cards; only grammar points have been deemed important enough to keep bilingual. Also, I am not worrying about simpler words; I don't even have to really comprehend what I am reading, but rather I have to know how to read my 2kyu kanji and the words they make (lower vocab won't be tested outright). Besides, at this point I can guess pretty accurately/already know about the lower vocabulary. Finally, I'm not so sure the lists at are complete, so I will be perusing my other resources.

If you are interested in taking the JLPT, get Anki and go look through my links on the far right column of this blog. Good luck to us all.