December 7, 2008

It's Done, Time to Prepare for the Next One

Today the JLPT came and went, and it was worse in some areas, and easier in others, than I was expecting. Didn't pass I imagine, but as I didn't expect to, I don't feel too let down. I've seen that the Chinese intarwebs already has copies of the questions online. And let me complain that the katakana question this year was a cruel trick on us.

Anyways, how did you do? I have seen certain friends' blogs go silent or erratic in the last month or so, and I imagine the test has something to do with it. My 対策 for the next few months is to read a lot to build up my reading speed and maybe check out to get better at hearing the words I mostly already know in a written context; I am still waiting for the internet man to finally come and hook me up before I can use such a site.