December 10, 2008

Stop Getting Poor on Me!

I am worried that as the world's economy goes down the drain, my students are going to start eyeing me and say, "do we really need this guy? Let's just have get-togethers for free." Yes, the deep, dark secret of free-lance group teaching in Japan is it is just a social event. Did anybody do the homework? Read the article? Do you study English everyday in order to actually improve? No?... Well, time's up, can you all still afford to pay me? I work hard for the money, buy some of them don't work so hard to give it to me. Oh well, their prerogative.

Speaking of financial matters, my electric bill shot up from 20 to 70 bucks. I may invest in slippers and more blankets. I thought of building my own kotatsu, but realized that as this is not much of a do it yourself nation, I would have trouble finding the heating elements on their own.

Also, I am trying to diet a bit, which means I have to cut myself off from dollar store chips. Oh, kimchee Cheetos, I will miss you so, and your cheapness most of all.

Well, all this money talk is a good enough intro to show you an article on frugal shoppers at Reuters. How they managed to spend only about 100 bucks in a month on food fascinates me.