January 21, 2010

Coke Head Samurai

This ad is actually a couple years old. But sometimes things float to the top of the backlog and I have to share them.
So what does it say? Breakdown:
日本 nihon: Japan
の no: possesive (of)
男 otoko: man
よ yo: particle of emphasis, informing, and (archaically) a call for attention
ためらう tamerau: to hesitate
な na: don't do (follows the dic. form of verbs)

gloss: Men of Japan! Don't hesitate [to cut down the other dude]!

Actually, I'm not confident on the gloss, but that's the impression I get, especially after all the Japanese video games I've played. What do you think?

The coke bottle is acting as a 丁髷 (chonmage, a topknot that you see on samurai or sumo wrestlers). Did you know sumo wrestlers have to resign if they lose their topknot? If I was a sneaky sumo coach, I wouldn't hesitate hire a rouge barber to cut out the competition.


  1. I just learned that word (躊躇う) today, and, yep, I agree with your translation. What's this ad encouraging though? Really?

    Like your title, by the way!


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