January 5, 2010

Karaoke Duets Part One: Two Peanuts in a Pod

Just talking about my Yakuza Karaoke new year celebration made me want to do some more karaoke posts. It's about time I introduced duets to you, and appropriately I will have a companion post up tomorrow. So find a friend and enjoy!

Today's group is The Peanuts (ザピーナツ), a pair of identical twins. Fun trivia: in Japanese one always says older sister or younger sister, not sister, even among twins. Of course some people just resort to names, but usually the old hierarchy culture is payed attention to even at home.

Right, the karaoke. Sorry. Here is Koi no Bakansu (Love Holiday):

Twins engenders a doubling of songs today! Sorry, couldn't find a version of this with the lyrics attached, but it's a pretty easy song. The title: Koi no Fuuga (Love Fugue). I like it even better than the one up there.

I just discovered their English version of the same song.

And just for fun, you can see them sing the Mothra song, as they were Mothra's fairies for the first few movies (wut?). The song uses Indonesian, so I'd be surprised if it was in the old karaoke machine. That would be a master-level, katakana-only song if it was there. I hate katakana lyrics. Only thing worse is romaji lyrics.

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