January 13, 2010

Sony's Big Karaoke CM

One of my favorite songs is coming at you!

The giant crowd in this epic commercial are singing 小さな恋のうた (chisana koi no uta, A Short Love Song), which I'm pretty sure the band MONGOL800 came up with. Here's a link to their version.
The catchphrase that gets posted over the CM is 歌え、10代 (utae, jyuudai, or sing it, teens!).
You can bet I sang this song during last night's karaoke session.


  1. I think a better translation would be, "sing it, teens!" The jyuudai is just how you say "people in their 10s"...(like we would say "people in their 20s.")

    If it was "sing it chldren of the 00s"...it would be something like Utae! 0 nendai no ko."

  2. Not sure the message, but for some reason just watching this made me feel good. Thanks Clay! Nanc

  3. @anonymouscorrectorator

    Thanks for the correctorationing, but I inquired this morning and found that 2000nendai is the preferred way to talk about the past decade.


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