January 27, 2010

Holy Unanswerable J House Hole Query!

I had occasion to meet with Tokyo Cooney the other day in an unofficial-pre-post new year's party. I was eager to know one thing: has anybody mailed in with the name of these Japanese house holes that interest me so? Nope. So please tell if you know! BTW, we'll finally gotten comments at Jib TV, so you'll be able to tell me things more directly when I write there.


  1. 内側にあみがはってあるそうで、屋根裏全体に風が入って、天井にたまった熱を逃がすためにあるそうです。あみがはってあるのは虫が入ってこないようにするため。一言で言うと屋根裏部屋の換気のための穴だ。

    They're holes with screen for ventilation in the summer time and to let wind in and trapped gas up under inside the roof to escape without letting bugs in.

    It may not look like the above explanation, but they are shallow and angled indentations to prevent much like weather or bugs to enter.

  2. 屋根裏換気穴, 屋根裏換気システムの穴 or 換気穴 for short. Someone will surely understand you if you say that.

  3. Thanks, now I just need to know what to call them when there are no holes involved (the decorational indentsとか)

  4. Yeah that'd be interesting if those openings really are just for decoration yet sadly not surprise me in a country of so many social rigors.

    It's quite possible it's just the angle you see from the street that's not showing you the openings. In these pics, the depicted indentations may not look functional, but they look the same as the normal ones I've seen and worked on (from the inside).

  5. ah. If you go to the link I provided, you will see a collection of them. Some of which are nothing more than curved metal adhered to the wall.
    Did you do some construction in Japan?


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