November 7, 2005

Imperitive memory meme

Memory lane Message: If you read this, even if we don't speak often, you must post a comment on my page with a memory of you and me. It can be anything you want -- good or bad, just as long as it happened. Think long and hard now!! Then post this up yourself and see what people remember about you.
For example: My memory of Danielle (one of the friends I made last summer): "well, we didn't have much time together, but I remember asking you to say, "Everyone will suffer." like Samara, and you did, just as creepily as the movie. I believe my reply was, 'Is it so wrong that I'm really turned on right now?'"
Maybe you'll see what I meant if you see her picture. Hey Steph, assignment time! Take a picture of Danielle doing Samara.