November 1, 2005


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Tis' the season. I meant to blog sooner, but there were these two girls...

They were really creepy and insisted that I play with them.

Then they went all bloody-like. Major over-reaction to losing our game of tidily-winks.

And then Timmy started crying and going on about drinking red rum. I'm pretty sure the poor kid's autistic. De-definitely autistic. Yeah...

Anyways, I like to be prepared for any and all zombie-infestations, so I went and bought a chainsaw*, and made sure my shed was well-stocked with sharp implements of destruction.

I even got a slick leather jacket to be like my favorite fighter of the supernatural, Harry Mason (from silent hill*).

Unfortunately, my chainsaw had no effect on the incorpeal ghost that shagged professor Howl unto death. Worst demise I've ever witnessed. I say! I don't like you like that! Oh dear!

Then it was off to an enkai with the teachers. Btw, tell a Japanese woman how old you think she is (as compared to how shockingly old they really are), and she will instantly think you are the sweetest thing.

Poe got dressed up as a gangster for the occasion.
post appendixes:

*While trying to upload the chainsaw pic, I ran into a weird glitch. No doubt I have stumbled upon photographic evidence of ghosts (seen below).

*:I think it's time to regale you all with my Silent Hill story. The first time I told it, I got Abra to laugh in a strange manner and hit a pitch that I've not heard from her since.

So I was playing Silent Hill for the first time ever in Regis and Dillon's dorm room. I had only gotten a little ways when a group of skinless three-year olds rushed me and started to latch onto my crotch. I was dead-scared. Then, in sheer terror, I screamed the now-famous line "THEY'RE EATING MY BALLS!THEY'RE EATING MY BALLS!"
Regis calmly walked to the door, closed it, and said, "I wouldn't want people to get the wrong idea.