November 30, 2005

Memes I have known and cultural interplay

Are you ready for the vapid? Here we go! I'm doing this to unload my bookmarks.
Have you noticed certain things spread quickly through cultures, thanks to this internet thing?
So, shortly after arriving in Japan, I noticed that kids in my town would hum the numa numa song. I found this suprising, because many of them don't even own computers (recall that I am in the stix as much as one can be in Japan). Even old men had numa numa ringtones. To find out what Numa Numa is about (if you've been living in a hole), go here, to the wiki about it.
Then, check out this new Hebrew Numa Numa. Yeah, you read that right. They put a lot of chutzpah into it. That's a fine lookin' Jew...
Anyhoo, the Japanese did get ahold of the phenomenon and made this flash (bringing us to our next meme), featuring ASCII cats. The cats are an off-shoot of Shift_JIS art, which is extremely popular in Japan.
One really annoying pair of memes were the badger and banana phone ones. Well, they are combined in Japan with Hardo Gay. Even the ASCII cat makes an appearance. Enjoy (or don't, rather) Hard Gay badger phone.
Another meme that has spread from Japan to the US via the net is that of the crazy Arnold Swartzeneger.
Did you hear that Mr. Miyagi died? :( Sad, but I think this is a fitting tribute to him, thanks to the infamous meme-generator your the man now (
As long as we're on memes, may I proclame the funny gospel of The Flying Spagetti Monster to you all?
This is not a meme and it's kinda late, but here is Thanksgiving, the movie, starring the Rock.