December 1, 2005

And I ran so far away...

The idea that it's okay to be an introvert was something new to me. After all, society looks down on those who participate less due to the utilitarian nature of group cooperation. But this article opened my eyes. From now on I will be proud of my nature.
Incidental story: I thought a teacher I work with did not like me, but she came around after we talked about how we are both taciturn people. She may have also come around because I guessed she was 26 years old when she is actually 36, but whatevs. The point is, when we timidly look across the room and don't talk to each other these days, we are at least smiling.
So spread the word (if you're not too shy) that introversion and introspection is okay!
How about you, btw, intro or extro?
picture note: Taken from the densha otoku (train man) movie. Read all about the true-life nerd romance here.