December 20, 2005

What will I miss most this Christmas?

The Blackadder Christmas special. Sorry family. Speaking of Rowan Atkinson and Christmas, I showed Merry Christmas Mr. Bean to a few classes right before I left. I even had English questions for them to answer to make it more educational.
Anyhoo, due to weird setbacks, I haven't made it to a tropical beach yet.
I recieved an email from a friend, and I thought I'd share my responses with you for edification purposes. You can probably guess what the questions were.
Things are pretty fun; I just switched to a cheaper room today, but it's pretty much as good. There is no TV though, and TV is what keeps the noises of the city at bay. Maybe I will sleep using my ipod, but I haven't gotten sleeping pills yet; it is harder than I thought.
I won't be able to really post pictures until I come back to Nippon, but my hair looks kind of like Iceman in the old movie "Topgun," especially since I also got a close shave.
Thai food is okay, but a little too watery, and it does not make for fun times in my digestive system. I actually ate in a "Japanese" restaurant last night.
Today, I want to see some animals. It may take some work to find a cab driver that knows the location of such things though; they are only interested in showing people the temples.