December 8, 2005


I am not really a twentysomething man living in Japan. I am actually an 83 year old man living in New Jersey. I'm telling you now because I just cannot keep up the energy to sustain this charade any longer.
I have gone to great lengths to hide my little secret, including extensive photoshopping to make myself appear younger. In addition, to create the illusion that I have several friends that know my 20-something alterego, I went as far as creating fake blogs that I link to. Ben, Rachel, Kit, Linus etc, are all not really people, but truly just fake blogs I created to perpetuate this sham.
I'm so sorry. I really needed attention.

Okay seriously, I'm not (but you'll always wonder from now on, won't you). I ate dinner with an 85 year old man tonight. As I supported him on the way back step by shaky step, as he puked a little on the way, I grew intensely afraid of growing old.
Pray that I never go bald like the pic above. You should see what I can do with a picture that actually has a decent resolution.
Humorous teaching moments lately:
Me: What's this feeling?
makes a sad face.
Student: Divorce?

moment two: If you wrte a "W" with curved bottoms, students will think its a bum. It resembles the bum diagram on many products here.