November 29, 2005

Riddle: What's Turkey day without turkey?

it's thanksgiving in Japan, that's what. I cooked pumpkin soup, so we at least had something autumnesque. The ALTs gathered and partook of each other's food and wit. Then, naturally, we had to do Karaoke. I was suffereing from a cold, but I can't not go wild on the karaoke. I'm a professional; you wouldn't understand. So as I screamed out the chorus to "smells like teen spirit," I'm pretty sure I caused serious damage to my throat as well as a few ears. I was talking like grandma (you all have the grandma that smokes, right?) for the next 18 hours.
Followed by sleepovers and deep dark secrets and my ursurping the position of the thunder god Thor (I never saw that one coming, but Basha's illuminati theories had something to do with it).
And the next day brought dancing at a real Mexican bar run by a real Mexican. My dancing partner up there is the lovely Basha (and for the record, I am not staring at her apples in that picture and she is not staring at the little head that seems to be coming out of my jacket pocket).
Follow it all up with a random pigback ride for a very tipsy Tomoko that had me amused. The weekend was too short!
More pictures!
Punching machine. Reminds me of the penguin fighting, where I make the same face.

Arcade guitar game. Bad hair all part of the plan.

The gang. No, I have no idea what my pose is supposed to be.