July 9, 2006

Even the president enjoys karaoke

I figured that when the Japanese prime minister visited graceland with president Bush, that they would have to do karaoke, and old George W. would sing one of The King's hits. But he had something else in store for us. Guess that song.

I finally found my limit in karaoke. It's four hours. But it was fun. And the crowd indulged me when I sang sakeyo. All in all, a smashing way for the leaving JETs party to go. Also, I think a heterosexual guy almost fell in love with me that night. Just kidding, but he was very secure in his sexuality. "You've got a sexy butt; may I feel it?" type of secure.
Today we held a regatta, sailing down the saga-city rivers in whatever floatation devices we could find. Pictures later.