July 26, 2006

Little Monsters

Oh my but the cicidas are a bit of a bother. Normally, you will walk along and hear one or two and that's fine. In fact, the sound of cicidas defines a Japanese summer I dare say. But there is a tree right outside my bedroom where about 30 seem to have gathered. This means that I am getting in the range of 100 decibels coming at me. But rather than wake me up, it causes the opposite problem; I can't hear my alarm in the morning, and the constant drone doesn't rouse me. So your protagonist has been late to the office this summer (and yes, I do have three alarms spread out through the house but to no avail).
And walking by that tree is no treat on the ears, let me tell you. I tried to get rid of the buggers with a garden hose, but they returned in less than a minute. Why can't it be only every 17 years like in the states. Or not at all like Wyoming. Now there is a solitary advantage of Wyoming: No cicidas, cockroaches, or slugs.
I was charged with teaching 100 kindergarden-age children today. I characterize it as a failure, oddly, not to teach English, but to teach very simple games. They might even remember the English at the end of the day. The games, well they all seemed to think the point of every game was to turn and punch their neighbor. What fun. And what crybabies. But I don't blame them. Those kids will punch your balls hard if they get the chance.