July 12, 2006

We're safe, let's drink Georgia coffee

This is an odd commercial. Made for Japanese audiences, who love their coffee when it comes from vending machines. The Japanese also seem to have really liked Twin Peaks back in the day. I read the movie was a hit here. Without further ado...

There are a few more from the Georgia series on youtube.
So I thought that might be a good seguay to mention some of the media I've seen of late. As of late being the last six months or so. Japanese media will have a "J" to the left just to help you out.
J Zebra Man Recommended For those that know their Kamen-ranger history.
Dr. Who 2nd season Recommended Though this season's monsters were almost all really lame. Ooh! Fear the drawing little girl! The new doctor, however fills the role well.
LOST Recommended Makes me feel nostalgic somehow...
J One Missed Call Recommended What could have been another boring Ju-on was made good by Takashi Miike. And the ending... Oddly upbeat for a horror movie twist ending.
J Three Extremes Recommended I only watched Takashi Miike's part. It was an exercise in restrained horror that was simply masterful.
J Ping Pong Recommended Don't have delusions though, it is centered around ping-pong.
Blue Velvet Not Recommended Another Lynch snorer. And not even any redeeming surrealism.
Twin Peaks Recommended to a certain point That point being season two when they solve the mystery. It's drek after that.
Old dog Recommended I haven't even seen the whole thing, but it had one of the best fights I ever saw. And no special effects in that fight, mind you.
J Nobuta wo Produce Recommended This is a J-drama about a pair of guys that decide to make the unpopular girl into the popular one. That formula sucks in America, but somehow the Japanese pulled it off with gusto. And great deals of endearing cuteness of course. Check out Nobuta's signature move.

J 茶の味 (Taste of Tea) Recommended I know I've ranted about this one before, but it bears repeating.
J Dead or Alive Two Recommended Haven't seen a more heart-warming hitman movie than this since Leon.
J Battle Royal Recommended Bad plot device, and yet...
J Battle Royal II NOT Recommended Bad sequel.
J Tetsuya the Iron Man Recommended but it will disturb you.
J Tetsuya II Not Recommended It's like Testuya one, only in color and way too eighties
J MPD Psycho Detective Recommended A six parter TV series, and it starts off slow. But around episode three you realize it is not only hilarious but brilliant. Never figured out what the artificial rain everywhere means though. My favorite is the philandering detective, he's my favorite Miike regular in general.
J Crazy Lips Recommended So wrong, but it feels so good.
J Survive Style 5 Not Really Recommended I wanted to like this one. So much so that I watched twice. But it's ultimately a directorial onanism worse that anything Quentin Tarintino or the Watchowski Bros. would make on a self-indulgent day. And dare I say it, way too influenced by American pop-culture.

As for books, well I always recommend Clark Ashton Smith, who I think is the most brilliant writer ever, and you can find all his stories in my links. I read "I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream" by Harlan Elison the other day, and found it very cool. Right now, I'm reading Breaking into Japanese Literature, which I totally recommend, it features the work of one of the guys on the money over here. Also, I'm reading Three Hearts and Three Lions, which I understand is a book that inspired many D&D monsters back in the day. Seems alright so far.