July 19, 2006


My phone met a mishap at the beach. Luckily, the data-card survived, so I can still show the pictures I took with it before that point and embarrass fellow JETs. A new phone's gonna be expensive. Between that, driving license testing fees, and another volunteer trip to Thailand, I'm starting to feel as poor as a college student again. Even so, I want to spend more on charity, so here's the deal: Donate some money to orphans via my paypall account, and I'll match it. All proceeds will go to the orphanage in Thailand. Go ahead, stick it to me, and feed some orphans! Please make your donations $5 or more, as paypal charges handling fees. And yes, you're gonna have to trust me with your money, but I promise I would never steal money intended for orphans. Again.

EDIT: the charity is over now, so I removed the donation link. Thanks to all that donated.

As for the photos...From our leaving JETs' party. You can't really tell, but Eric was banging away at the Taiko drums with pinache. I fell in love with him, just a little bit, at that moment.
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Aine was giving a tear-moving speech, and this Clay joker was snapping pics of the crowd?

Ebi frying at the local crab shack, the girlfriend in tow.

I'm personally all for pork-barrel politics. Nothings cooler than a giant bridge in the middle of nowhere.

Here you can see my brain, my "takai" nose, and my deviated sceptum.

One view of my town.

Next to the DMV, getting my photo taken by an Obasan.

People looking in awe at my score in Karaoke ;-)

Two sweet girls.

Eating sushi with the doctor.

Our second annual river regatta. We dressed as pirates and tamed the river wild.

Hamburger helper is a bit different over here. :(