August 27, 2006

catch-all photodump

Photos from the last month. I still have to do videos (if they aren't crap; I haven't checked yet).
First group is Nagasaki Obon. I think the idea is to send the dead to the afterlife by making loud sounds. I.E. firecrackers. It started to look like a riot as the night went on. If you go to this, bring earplugs and be prepared to dodge drunken lobs of explosive devices! And yes, that's my girlfriend in the pic, but I'm not trying to show off about how lucky I am; I can't help it if she's beautiful :).

Expand the post to see me post-nasal surgery! Yay!

From my hospital stay:Wow, that's what swelling does to ya.

My logger friend.

Other cute old people.

JET beach party in Karatsu.

5-year-old calendar/flower I found magnetically attached to the bottom of the desk.

I like nuke-head man.

Don't smoke while pregnant or you'll kill the cute penguins.

A family shrine found on a random farm I visited. Nice folks there.

Summer school.

Paintings from the airport: