August 19, 2006

So do I relate my 14-year-old-boy prostitution story or not?

Okay, first off, these are just a few photos of many taken (go here to see not only mine, but everyone in the group's photos). These are just the ones I found comments to be necessary for to experience full enjoyment. Second, said prostitution story goes along with a photo. I'll post videos later.
Elephant ride. I am scared to death in that shot, because I am the one driving.

Anyways, expand the post to see everything and read my funny/creepy story.
Pigs in love at the Bangkok art college. My they were confused by me.

I like starving buddhas the best.

My Dr. Who suit. Made to match what the current doctor wears on the show. Not bad for $130 American, custom made, custom fitted. Here I am imitating the doctor's manic grin.

I can't get over how incredible the detail is on this guy. My favorite statue in all of Bangkok.

Two acrobats that happened to be at the town the orphanage was in. They were invited to the yoga show, then did one themselves! As he looks a lot like Christian Bateman and can lift her easily over his head, I bet the guy's girlfriend is rather happy.

Even monks aren't above poking dead body's with sticks.

I started a trend when we played with playdoe. Go see the album link to get more.

I've discovered that girls, upon seeing a guy don a woman's hat in a store, will instantly call him the funnest guy ever.

Okay, so this is a beautiful waterfall. You can see more pics at the album link. I swam in the turquoise pools. But I had to change before the van ride home. I saw a three-baht bathroom. No change, so I started to move on. But a 14 year old boy that was running the stand nearby eagerly waved and motioned for me to go in. The only words he knew in English were "me," "yes," and "you". So I go in, and he follows, and I think he is there to guard against random people coming in and seeing me change. But then I realize he is looking at me. So I wrap my town around myself so I can change shorts without him seeing my bits. But this concerned him. He walked up and pointed to my crotch. Then he said "me" sucking something cylindrical pantomime "you!"
"Um, no thanks!" I squeaked out, making an X with my hands (an artifact of living in Japan, that gesture). I get my dry clothes on without exposing myself. He was still insistent. "No, really. I'm good." And I am running out of there.
So there is my 14 year old boy prostitution story. I used to joke about such things, but now I've experienced it. Ew. But he may have just been a confused young man, and not looking for money. Thailand is different that way too. Lots of boy-girls and whatnot, their sexuality is very different.