August 17, 2006

Tv and my acting dreams

Today I was ambushed by the local TV woman on the street. I don't know what she was up to, but suddenly she was upon me with questions about where I was going and what I had bought at the supermarket (she put the camera right into my bags to look after I gave permission). A year ago, my Japanese would have failed me in such an unprepared situation. But I was cool this year.
But as if that was not enough, I was schedualed to film a commercial at 3 anyways with the same woman for a language class I am teaching. We convinced the man also being shot that his candid camera moment should be included, but he was being rather Japanese about the whole thing one way, when we needed him to be Japanese in the self-depreciating way.
So yeah, I'm on TV too much.
Cue my dream life yet again having continuity. Tonight, I sadly realized I was not ever part of the Dave Chappell show. Yet while dreaming, I had a running career for a long time over several dreams as a very minor actor in on the show. These continuous dreams are starting to stack up; I'm creating a nocturnal alter-ego. Soon, I may start to not distinguish my dream reality from the real reality. So if you see me acting stranger than usual, don't worry. Chances are I'm not taking reality seriously, and that's okay; it's all maya anyways.