October 26, 2006

Boy gets trapped in vending machine

A story too good to keep to myself. The boy eventually freed himself with a screwdriver.
Speaking of mischefous kids, a couple students, a boy and a girl, were outside my house yesterday. I heard them due to the fact that Japanese houses are made out of a substance not unlike cardboard--yay! I get to freeze to death come winter!-- and I invited them in for a couple minutes, rather than have them subject me to the "pin-pon-dashyu" (doorbell ditching). Ultimately, I'm not sure this was a good idea, seems like crossing a professional line to have students in one's house. And I worry that they will want to come back again to see my "男らしい" ("manly") house and bug me when I want to nap. And lets not even go into how it's okay to open someone's front door in Japan and walk in.