February 18, 2007

Writing, traveling, singing

Someone told me they missed the posts where I actually write. I don't blame em, as I am the best writer on earth named Clay that lives in Tara, Japan. So I'll try to keep writing, though I like to make sure everyone has had time to see the video posts, as I love sharing Japan that way too.

After a great morning watching arrested development at C&C's place in the morning, it was a friend's birthday, and three of us made it through the night's proceedings all the way. So I and the birthday girl and her boy basically ruled a little club in Takeo, took over the dj booth, and put on some old school rap. Some girls that work at a club showed up, and we helped their よっぱり selves stand/dance. It was a great bonding experience with the two other foreigners for me.

At one point we saw a young guy notice a woman walking along the street. "Excuse, me sis!" he said, looking for a good time.
She lifted her umbrella in a threatening manner immediately and said in a fierce tone she would kill him.
"ah, gomennasai!"
We and his friends laughed at his plight.

This morning I got to do one of my favorite things, I went to the special gyoza place in Takeo. They don't make gyoza the standard Japanese way. If only I could duplicate
the recipe at home. But I did stop by the farmer's market today, cause I wanted to explore a little cave
nearby, so I will be cooking some saag.

So I have been thinking, every foreigner should know one enka. Enka's are kinda like the equivalent of country. They express the soul of the country, but in a cheesy way. If you can sing them, I think you will impress Japanese people, which will cause internationalization, and thereby cause understanding, brotherhood, and less selfishness and therefore save the world. Knowing you can save the world just by singing a song at a karaoke bar, why wouldn't you do it? So I present you with the easiest enka for a foreigner to master, via youtube. Enjoy "Sake Yo," with helpful furigana.