July 30, 2009

Can You Catch the Mistakes in this Japanese?

Here's some good listening practice for you:

I will give the student's misreadings below (highlight them with your mouse to see them):

He read
小学生生活 as しょうがくせいせいせいかつ problem: one extra sei
満月 as 臨月 the word he needed was 満足 anyways
小遣い as 小便
鳥のいんこ 鳥のうんこ
エサ as クソ
期待 as 変態
完成 as 浣腸
認識 as 妊娠
奮起 as 勃起
He demands to be allowed to read until the end before being corrected, then continues with 終わり

If you have any problems with understanding the jokes, you can copy and past the entirety of the contents into here.