July 8, 2009

A Few Pics from Japan

Finally, I am free to inflict my crappy videos upon Japan again! Talking very briefly about the JLPT and other things, which I've taken shots of.

Promised pics from the video (click to zoom):

Gay sailor curry

High grammar on a urinal.

EDIT: I've made a new post dedicated to translating this one

Awesome school festival poster.

A Tanabata tree. Kind of like a mid-July Christmas tree. But totally not.


  1. Awesome school poster!.
    i took the 1kyu (a while ago), really sucked :-p.
    i was caught by a vortex of alcohol after dat'.

  2. that is a tear-inducing, sordid story of alcoholism right there.

  3. So what does this mean? Are you staying in Japan even longer for more school? When will you run out of money...blah blah blah.... you look tired!!! Nag nag nag... WE miss you!!! It is nice to see you again!


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