July 24, 2009

Floating Classroom Actor Still Acting

You may remember when I made a video where I experienced the insane fun that was the goobery 80s live action adaptation of The Drifting Classroom? Here let me refresh your memory. Good?

I was lucky enough to interview one of the actors from the film sometime later, but recently someone sent me evidence that another one is still active. Remember Sho? He's still around, and his real name is Yasufumi Hayashi. You can see a little bio on him with some work shots here.
[Hat tip to Jill]


  1. OMG, this brings back so many memories! I was in the movie with him! I can't believe how cheesy the movie was but it was sooo much fun!

  2. Ah, have you graced The Hopeless Romantic before? The cast members are so omnipresent and jolly, I love it!


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