October 21, 2005

Canst thou make fire with chocolate?

I canst. I learnst how from this website how to make fire from chocolate and a coke can. Shweet. Link thanks to Vlad.

Today's discovery: 7th graders are really 6th graders in disguise. Get them alone, and they will ask for your autograph just like the gradeschool kids do. I used to think that kids were mocking me when they talked, but today I realized that it is just that their heavy accents match the mocking tone traditionaly employed by annoying Americans. Anyways, I finished off the day by showing the kids my amazing ability to immitate animals.
Japanese kids proudly waving their ironic trucker caps. ----->>

*Japan is one of the two capital countries of Asia.
* If a Japanese businessman leaves work early, his boss will make him kill himself.
* Every Japanese person owns a pair of rocket boots.
* All Japanese are ninja.
* Some Japanese are actually schoolgirls with highly regimented classes, impossibly difficult tests they must pass, and frequent problems with tentacle beasts. This would not be a feasible way to live if these schoolgirls were not secretly also ninjas.
* All Japanese carry swords and kimono with them.
--Via the Japan Chakuwiki (a wiki in which people create the world).