October 16, 2005

My weekend was more Japanesey than yours

Many pics, and hilarious heartbreaks within.

So you remember when I mentioned my plan to call a girl? I mailed her keitai (cell) and told her I would be around Saga if she wanted to follow through with our plan to go dancing together. Let me transliterate her response message: "Oh, yeah, I was really drunk that night. Our date is impossible due to me having a boyfriend that I really like (that approximates love in Japanese), so we won't be meeting."
Rather than being too sad, I found this hilarious. Also, I must say I knew there had to be something besides a cultural misunderstanding happening during the moments when she went weird. Here's to hoping I encounter more sane/less drunk girls from now on.
Friday found us at a place where the tables double as grills, and ingredient after ingredient was put on. Pork, chicken, onomomiyake, yakisoba... all good stuff. The cook was an old grandma-chan that has been cooking there since WWII.
I finally found an example of hand humor that the Japanese get! Mr. Hand! They about laughed to death at that, and my hardo gay jokes.

Jump to last night, where I am dining with a doctor from my town that speaks very good English. He invited two cute nurses along; too bad they were both taken, but at least they are easy on the eyes. It served to remind me of a weird phenomenon in Japan; people go out without their spouses. In America it just wouldn't fly. But here, the wife will give her husband money to go clubbing without her. I for one don't like the confusion this causes when you are out with a pretty girl and find out a couple hours later she is married with a kid. Oh well, just something I have to get used to.

And today, for random reasons, I found myself dressed in a kimono. It seems that just like business suits, I look pretty darn good in these. Guess I clean-up well.
After dressing, I walked around down stars as a representative gaijin and talked to people. Many of the women proclaimed, "Kakoi!" (so handsome!). Gotta love Japan.

Shortly before I accidentally decapitated someone. Sorry 'bout that.

Remember the cute little German girl? Here she is playing a traditional Japanese instrument. People thought that she was my kid, cause we both had blond hair and kimonos.

I thought the under-kimono was even cooler than what I wore on top!

McDonald's of Japan: Home of the ketchupless burger.

Ethnic pizza has raw shrimp on it. Pizza in Japan is just a let-down in general.

An example I drew on the board to describe Wyoming to an elementary class.