October 6, 2005

Post Nasal Drag

So as you can see from this photo of my sexy skull, I obviously have sinusitis (the sickness that is fun to say!). Every winter for the past three years, I have been getting sick with the exact same symptoms, but, being a poor college student, I couldn't afford to do anything about it. Now that I am a millionare, I can get genki. Yay.

This is the machine that shoves steam up your nostrils. It's part of the therapy over here.

I really should have taken some days off, but I don't want to be thought of as a lazy American. But sick or not, I will see Hard Gay live at Saga University this saturday. And then I will go to Fukuoka with Das Germans.
I made a vampire game for the students to play today (prompting the JTE to say that I am a very good ALT, and that she thinks I work hard, which as I understand it is about the best complement a Japanese person can give!). It's a mystery game in which someone is the vampire. I can't help but think that it is my roleplaying background that led to this.
That and a random email from Linus about a roleplaying quiz reminded me of the dark side of the pastime. Nerds. Yeah, I hear it's cool to be a nerd these days, but trust me, if you really think that you haven't seen a real nerd.
The horror stories I could tell you--and I'm just a casual gamer--would be enough to make you never want to associate with anyone that the past-time.
That being said, I really want to roleplay again. Just something that's not available in Japan.