October 11, 2005

Hardo Gay Desu!

For more info, see this article.

I have been to the mountain, and brought back leather and pelvic thrusts in the form of videos for all to see thanks to the wisdom of Saga city and the veracity of my cell-phone. Look upon this hard gay work all ye mighty, and despair. Be you harder than Hardo Gay? I think not. Stick around to the end of the post to hear about the rest of my weekend (there is a little romance there!).

Hard Gay balloon-animal (balloon-human?)

I'm the only foreigner in the crowd. Shortly after this, I was offered a beer, and everyone started to talk to me at once.

The much-coveted tickets to the event, which, I ironically, only cost 500 yen.
So the next night, I went to Takeo, to a hip-hop/reggae bar, and was pretty much the only white guy there, but I still look better dancing than 8/10 Japanese people, so there's that. I caught the eye of a girl that was super goofy/cute/hot and was soon talking and dancing with her. At times she showered me with complements*, and at others she ignored me. I don't know if she was drunk, or indecisive, or just culturally different, but I have no idea what was going on during the times when she would turn cold. Suffice to say, living in my small town, I haven't met many Nihonjin girls yet, but she told me she wants to go techno-dancing, so I'll call her up tonight, and work my way through a bound-to-be interesting conversation.

*:Among her compliments were "sexushi dancu!" and "You are nice guy!" (which I hope is not the kiss of death that it is in American womanese).
Thanks to the generosity of O, I had a place to stay for the weekend, and I devoured the original novel that Howl's Moving Castle was based on, getting through 200 pages before I regretfully had to give it up to go (btw, I recommend the novel over the anime, which was beautiful but arbitrarily changed).
Then Fukuoka. It was my first time to the bustling metropolis, and I formed one opinion about it: Too many foreigners. How can I meet girls if I'm not special? Oh well, I still had fun.
This weekend, I had two girls spill their guts to me. I'm wondering if it wasn't my monotone, hypnotic way of speaking* that brought this on. Not that I mind; my taciturn nature is well-suited to being the armchair psychologist.

*:According to one Sara, who told me about a year ago. I later confirmed it with other people. I hate my own voice, but most people feel that way about their vocal chords.