October 3, 2005

I spent the weekend among the other JETs. We went rafting. Unfortunately, the rapids were about a level one. But we still had fun, and I got some tanning on one arm.
The next day, we ended up in Arita for Oktoberfest (see bottom 4 pics in this post). It was the most un-German Oktoberfest ever, but it was still cool, and the section of town was just like walking to Germany, with an Austrian-style castle and everything. I was surprised. There a foosball tournament, and some gaijins won.
I was sorely reminded that in Japan, as opposed to America, I am not 10 ninjas. I am always being watched. In America, I was undetectable, and enjoyed anonymity 'cause it complimented my taciturn nature. However, I still have the ability to spook students by walking up behind them without them knowing. Yay, half-vampire powers(big in-joke)!
I introduced the others to the church of Mr. Knuckles. Me:"Mr. Knuckles is the only one who can call me crazy."
Taresha: "Who's Mr. Knuckles?"
Me: *holds up hand sideways* "I'm Mr. Knuckles!" Then I proceeded to build a whole mythology around him being the prophet of my church cause I'm funny like that.

That got me on a rant about the Japanese not understanding hand-humor; and I showed off my umpire joke, which got Will laughing so hard he cried.
I got surprised when I saw how much Japanese Will has learned in two months (beer is his teacher). I must stay ahead of the newbs!!
As I started to fall asleep on someone's couch, they told me that talking to me made them wish they had a room mate. I took it as a complement.

Amazing little German girl that speaks perfect Japanese and plays traditional instruments.

Star wars parody/caricature

Suited up and ready for the special Olympics.

Always wait till an hour after watching the ring to go swimming, or your face will be all blurred.

"Ball lane" in Saga city.

Taiko drums made from German ceramics.