October 18, 2005

Home is odd

"Creyton, how are you?"
"I'm good, how 'bout you?"
"Oh, I am dissapointment because my baseball team lost."
So Kyu-shu's shining hope, the hawks, lost last night. A teacher was lamenting this to me. Then I got home and saw the news about it. How do the Japanese handle a sports defeat? Suprisingly, with lots and lots of crying. Not just the fans, but the players as well.
Lots of people talk about the famous SAGA song. Saga (my prefecture) is regarded as a rather backwater place. Well, it's pretty but boring at times. You can read about the famous SAGA song, as written by a native nihonjin, here.

(Saga's symbol is to the right over there)
And speaking of things that remind me of my area, The taste of Tea (Cha no achi) is one of the best foreign movies to come along since Amelie. By the same guy that made Shark Skin Man Peach Hip Girl but somehow even better.
By all means, get your hands on this film. I know there's a torrent out there somewhere...
This movie, though situated elsewhere in Japan, looks a lot like where I live.

Media: Visit the movie site and enjoy the song...

I have a version of the famous music video from the movie archived here (not the highest quality image, but still amusing).



In regards to the last post, I bring you the previews for Cha no Achi. Enjoy them all, and be confused by the giant girl.
btw, if you want a good wallpaper of the giant girl watching herself, I suggest this page.

BTW I forgot to mention the director was responsible for the animated section of Kill Bill volume one. Says he got all his agressive urges out there, so he was in the proper mood for this lighthearted comedy.