April 1, 2006

Clay look alikes

I did this for fun. Myheritage.com provided tons of laughs. Here are the matches for my face:
Kevin Costner Nuh-uh
Annie McDowel Maybe...
Jason Biggs I kinda agree with that one, as do some people out there
Jennifer Garner I think this is the final clue in the "She's a man, baby" theory
Robert Oppenheimer Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds
Dustin Hoffman Whoppner is on
Micheal Owen Not sure, but he seems to be a sports star, so I'll take it
Gary Cooper I always wanted an excuse to say, "Hi, I'm Dick Turpin, but you can call me Coop"

But where was Dawson? I do look a bit like Van DerBeak don't I? If you wanna see more of my mug--don't forget the bashful grin-- you need to visit the last post.
Please, tell me who you matched up with in the comments, or if you blog results, let us know!