April 4, 2006

Things I've learned recently

  • It is perfectly acceptable to practice baseball at night on the grounds of the neighborhood shrine
  • Sometimes shrines sue preschools
  • Ebi-wasabi cheese things are okay
  • Hoka Hoka Tei is not okay. Never eating their takeout again.
  • Karaoke is an effective way to learn Japanese, as well as endear you to the Nipponese.
  • One of the best campains one can run involves being a hot girl on a motorcycle in your campain posters.
    "Mine name is Svanhelda. I have come to crush za democratic people's front vith mine guns and mine hogg. Those who make fun of mine princess Leia hair vill be sorry." Yeah, that is actually a really insensitive parody, and I bet her accent is nothing like a Valkerie's. Speaking of insensitive linguistic views...
  • V for Vendetta must be a very strange movie from a German-speakers point of view; they won't catch what is being said with all those Vs being uttered. At least, that's my theory.
  • If anything is worth doing in preschool, it's worth doing loudly
  • Not all Buddhas are fat