April 19, 2006


Today I rode my bike into the mountains around my little town of Tara-cho. I ended up going about 20 to 30 kilometers! The day was lovely--and the smells! The wind carried the smells of the real Japan: the Japan of the mountains. I at several times paused to sniff with a look of elation on my face that I imagine was equivilent to that of a mother that has just given birh and is gazing contentedly at their child. Yes, this is why I came here, for the mountains, and the rotting buildings. I saw more than a few derilict buildings, cars, backhoes, barns, and bridges; the plants attempting to reassert control by growing wherever they could find purchase.
I've tried to convey how large Tara is. Absolutely massive and beautiful. Screw Tokyo, it's the inaka for me. Hopefully the vids will help me show some of the massiveness of the mountains...
Our tour of Tara begins with the mystery of the 1000 oranges...
Why were these oranges left by the roadside here? The nearest orange farm is a good 5 kilometers away. What is going on here? The mystery intrigues me.

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The mysterious bottle field. Anyone know what this one is for?
Two random videos appear before you!

You can actually hear me sighing contentedly in the background of the dam video.

A panorama. Please zoom this one.

Locked gate to a creepy shut down factory.

Another view of the gate.

This place was like a haunted playground right out of a movie. I loved it, naturally.