April 27, 2006

Magic 8-ball iPod

Telling your future with an 8-ball is just so... Predictable. That's why I've adapted a blog meme I spotted around Jen and Corinna's blogs. The goal: List five questions. Hit shuffle on your music-listening device. The song that comes up alludes to the answer to your question. Rinse. Repeat.
I pass this meme off to Linus, Rachel, Abra, Padre Jake, Yume, and Maurice. Anyone else that wants to play doesn't have to wait for a tag.

My questions:

  • Will I suffer an accident soon?
    iPod says: "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Abba
    Don't you stop on me now pal! *hit's chest* Aw crap, now that I think about it, the song mentions falling apart too.

  • Will my camping trip with friends be a hit this weekend?
    iPod says: "M1 A1" by the Gorillas.
    Crap, does this mean people will cancel? Or does it mean I will be fighting zombies?

  • Will I find love?
    iPod says: "Primleseur's Speak Essential Japanese 1, lesson 22"

  • Will the yen get stronger against the dollar, or am I doomed to a collection of funny money?
    iPod says: "March of the Valkyries" by Wagner
    The yen will march all over my homeland.

  • What will happen to me during golden week?
    iPod says: "Russian Roulette" by Tsunami Bomb
    If I end up in the middle of a bunch of Asians with Christopher Walken...