April 16, 2006

We are bubbles: a rare mp3

[edit: I had it embedded, but the host site went down. I can send you the file.]
So rare, I had to rip it from the movie. This song is from Visitor Q, an infamous Takeshi Miike film. I think it is called "Water Bubbles," and the lyrics are about how the sea is full of bubbles that "come together, kiss, and separate." An interesting metaphor for life.
This will be a good song to have when the rainy season comes... It will go so well with the fog on the sea...
Also, expand this post to see the lyrics to the song and see what she is saying.

To buy this album, go here, and copy the isbn number if needs be.


          詞・曲 葛西亜美

English translation

the sea that is way too big to be seen in entirety
the waves that lambently rise and crush out
the many, many small bubbles
born and shined by light, and glittery, shining

slowly spining, floating, sinking
kissing and becoming one, and again separating
little by little becoming bigger and when they burst
again, they melt away into water of sea

somehow somehow
it is very similar to us...

thinking of things like that in spite of myself
naked you
stay in water only

thinking of things like that in spite of myself
completely relaxed you
stare at the sky only
stare at the sky only

If I have just bit of space, good
nothing to say. just like this. just like this...

大きくて 大きくて 姿が見えない海
ゆらゆらと 立ち上がり そして砕け散る波
小さなあぶくが タクサン タクサン
生まれて光に照らされてキラキラ 輝くよ

ゆっくり 回りながら 浮いたり 沈んだり
キスして ひとつになったり また離れたり
少しずつ 大きくなって そして はじけたとき
また 海の水に 溶けて逝く

何だかとても 何だかとても
私たちと よく似ているみたい...

そんなこと 考える 私をよそに
裸になった あなたは
水の中ばかりに 居る

そんなこと 考える 私をよそに
くつろぎきった あなたは
空ばかり 眺めてる
空ばかり 眺めてる

少し離れて ただ横に居ればいい
何も言わずに このまま このまま...