April 24, 2007

Have snorkel, will mail

This is pretty cool, and has inspired me to make a trip (does anyone know if you need training to snorkel in Japan?). One can send mail underwater off the coast of Wakayama.
on Japan's southeast coast, there exists an underwater mailbox. It's not a sunken relic that now serves as an artificial reef. Rather, it's an actual, working mail collection point officially recognized as part of Susami's postal system. Evidently, the mailbox is 33 feet beneath the water, and divers are required to use special waterproof plastic postcards. Each day, the contents are collected from the box, which reportedly contains as many as 200 pieces of mail on the busy days.

Not that far away, Malaysia's Reef Dive Resort has set up what it believes to be that country's first underwater mailbox. Any mail sent through this mailbox is sealed inside plastic bags and is postmarked with a special stamp.

Read the whole article.
And while you are there, why not use an edible, squid-flavored post stamp?


  1. The cool factor is totally in play here, but what's the utility of it?

    Ahh, Japan - They do love their gimmicks, and I love Japan because of that.

  2. Wow- the Japanese postal system is much cooler than the USPS. I've heard of a hotel that was underwater and could only be reached by SCUBA diving.
    Anyone can snorkel, but it looks like one would need to SCUBA dive to get to these locations. Wether or not it's mandated I'd recommend some training. When I went SCUBA diving off Australia after one measly lesson, the reef was so enchanting that I went much further down than a beginner should go, so when I came up again I got the bends! (ouch)
    btw squid-flavored is indeed an adjective

  3. I've used the underwater post box/office in Vanuatu - certainly a different experience! I don't know how well equipped they are at Wakayama, but remember to bring your own pencil!

    For the record, Vanuatu also has the first ever Volcano post box, located at the foot of Mt Yasur on Tanna Island. (I went there too :P)


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