April 9, 2007

Via Ben's deft skills

Ben has an a-typical digital camera these days. He built is using the parts of an ancient accordian camera and a modern scanner. There is over a hundred years difference in age between the two, but the results are quite cool. I messed with the contrast a little, so see his blog if you wanna see originals.
Here we have the group back together. I am the one with the puppy.

A man standing next to the newly-weds stares with skepticism at two ghosts.

Another group shot. I know I am overpoweringly sexy, but please, no more fan mail.

Lastly, this is not a Ben-produced image, but rather a panorama my new digital camera put together. I bought a cheap HP Photosmart. Mainly for the panorama functionality. Too bad blogger seems to shrink these so much, even in their linked-to forms.