April 9, 2007

Via Ben's deft skills

Ben has an a-typical digital camera these days. He built is using the parts of an ancient accordian camera and a modern scanner. There is over a hundred years difference in age between the two, but the results are quite cool. I messed with the contrast a little, so see his blog if you wanna see originals.
Here we have the group back together. I am the one with the puppy.

A man standing next to the newly-weds stares with skepticism at two ghosts.

Another group shot. I know I am overpoweringly sexy, but please, no more fan mail.

Lastly, this is not a Ben-produced image, but rather a panorama my new digital camera put together. I bought a cheap HP Photosmart. Mainly for the panorama functionality. Too bad blogger seems to shrink these so much, even in their linked-to forms.


  1. I see a Squid! Haha, welcome back to Japan. We sure missed you. (-_^)

  2. you know squiddles? All the old friends seem to connect at some point...

  3. These are freaking cool pictures. I very much like the way they turn out. Kudos to Ben!

  4. The panoramic is really cool. Is that in Vedauwoo? The photos of us are cool and everyone is lovely. ;-) Though those photos taken by the person whose work I drew upon when constructing the camera sometimes bobble my mind a bit: http://golembewski.awardspace.com/

    It was good to see you again, Clay.

    ticiipqv: Virtual tickling

  5. ya know I call it Vedauwoo, though it is technically just some nearby place.

    tjqrixut: The sound you make when you puke up tequilla.

  6. haha who wouldnt know squid at uw? i mean wow she's just dynamite! Honestly fell in love with her the first I met her, she randomly gave me a hug at one of the meetings I was at, and hasn’t really stopped since, with the exception of me being here.
    elizabeth (beth)


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