April 23, 2007

How to legalize it

I don't smoke the wacky weed, but for years I've been wondering why juries convict people that do. Why? Because juries have the right to judge a law or sentence unfair. It's why prohibition didn't stick. Anyways, I found an article that reminded me of this principal, and it warmed my semi-libertarian heart. Read.
Also, I've wondered why medical marijauna cannot be administered in pill form. What's the deal with that?


  1. Marijuana can't be administered in pill form because it's a lipid, an oil to be specific. So it's not water soluble like most drugs,also it has over 420 active ingriedients making the task nearly impossible, but in England they're coming out w/ a sublingual marijuana spray (to be sprayed under the tongue)
    Here in NY state the notorious Rockefeller anti-drug laws have strict, long mandatory minimums, which tie judges hands when it comes to sentancing. You can get 25 years for simple possesion
    The U.S. imprisons more of it's own citizens than any other country but China!

  2. The war on drugs is a draconian, lost cause.

  3. The law is so strict because it's not manufactured in the U.S., and it saps a lot of money from the U.S. economy. A large portion of the money goes to South American countries, and it's something that the U.S. can't stand from a standpoint of pure power.

    The U.S. made this into propaganda during the cold war. There are less deaths per year from weed than there are from alcohol. I don't smoke it myself (I prefer being sober, life is fun just the way it is, after all) but I don't see what the problem is. If it became a regulated industry (like alcohol and tobacco) it would be even safer, and the U.S. could profit from it. I don't see that happening anytime soon, though.

  4. America is and always have been a nation of businesses, if you think of it that way, it's merely natural.

    Lol, tom, are you sure? I would assume we kill off more of them than imprison them, just so they can't talk

  5. Here in England you get a caution for possesion and maybe 1-2 years if you've been cautioned many many times. You get 5-10 years for possesion with intent to deal depending on the amount you have in your possesion.

    I'm not a smoker myself, but I have lots of friends from university who are. In my experience the police over here are much more concerned with alcohol abuse than weed abuse. This is because the social situations involved with drinking and it's immediate effects more often than not result in extreme violence.

    Laws involving weed are slowly begin relaxed here. However, i'm not sure whether it will be legalised any time in the near future, even though it seems to me that people are very aware that weed is much less harmful than alcohol.


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