April 25, 2007

Which season do I like?

Another essay for my secret masters. Feel free to laugh, as long as you point out what's wrong where.




  1. Hey buddy. I'll post my essay in a couple of days.

    なりちゃった -> なっちゃった
    I think...because なってしまった would contract down that way, wouldn't it? I don't really know.

    なぜなれば -> なぜなら
    Again...I think this makes more sense.

    なられる -> なれる
    I don't know why...but I think that this is the correct potential form of なる. Isn't なる a う-verb? (Hence the above て-form conjugation?)

    なのだから -> なんだ。だから、
    I think it's weird to use the full の in the middle of a plain / casual form essay... (Same goes for the です.) And the sentence seems to be remarkably long, so the break would be nice. Though, I am not sure what's going on with the が clauses. But grammar was never my strong suit. (Why did I get into this language again?) I got the gist anyway.

    I wholeheartedly agree about the way that spring touches shrines and temples. They become more alluring somehow. Maybe it is the rain and moss. Maybe it's the pre-summer insects just winding up. In any case, I'm with you on that. Spring is a good month to have chosen. Well done, sir!

    PS - According to the htRikaichan extension, I am completely wrong on なぜなら and how to conjugate the verb なる. I guess that just goes to show - I suck at Japanese. (According to me and Rikaichan, anyway.) At least it's a fun brain exercise. Could someone correct me, too, please? Sorry for wasting your comment space. :-)

  2. so I corrected some of the things you mentioned, with some skype help from the gf. I looked up naru in the wwwjdic and saw it's conjugation there. But anyways it shouldn't be conjugated in the passive because plants have no volition (I think).

    As for the desu showing up, it was actually part of "desuga", which was listed in our 3rd book as being correct for casual written form. But anyways my girlfriend made me nix it. That was a run on anyways.

  3. but now I want to put it back in, cause I wanted to say, "spring or anytime, if I can go it's great, but spring really suits my hobby."

  4. Mine's finally posted. I linked to this post. Whatcha think about trying to continue mini-compositions after the books run out?


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