December 31, 2007

Almost over

On new year's day I go back. And recover as much as possible.
I just saw this, and was thinking, wow I'm not the only one?
Did the Akihabara thing today. It kinda sucked. Den Den Town in Osaka has much cheaper merchandise, and is not nearly as sleazy. Tried to go to a maid cafe, but the line was too long. Saw a foreigner maid though, that was interesting; she had Japanese maid hair, if that makes sense.

Things would be easier if I had buddies around. The other people at the hostel are mostly quiet Asians that travel in groups and don't really need to talk with others, but I got to talking with a girl from Hong Kong. She was interesting; wish I had more time to ask about her city.

Oh, and totally flubbed a chance for a date in the big city before I leave. A girl gave me directions (without me asking, she just saw me looking at a map), and asked "Are you traveling alone?" among other things. That is sooo code for do you have a girlfriend? is it not? But I didn't notice and said goodbye once we got to the place I was going. Blarg. A date could have cheered me up too. And don't give me that crap about she was just being nice. A guy has to dream when in the city.