December 26, 2007

Tokyo day one

So, I gotta admit, I'm not entirely sure why I decided to come here, and for so long. I guess I had to do with making it worth my money and seeing a friend. Also, people look at you strange if you don't have Tokyo cred. But I would have been just as happy exploring Kyushu. Because all of Japan is basically the same. But Tokyo does have a little something...
I am hosteling up in the dodgy end of town. Literally droves of homeless people here; quite the change from the rest of Japan in that regard; they are usually not seen (just their tents around Osaka-jo and such), but they were numerous and I dare say have a community.
So they say no good deed goes unpunished. I watched a really drunk girl wobbling about. Then slowly she melted into a prone position. I kinda shook her--no one else seemed concerned-- and asked if she wanted a cab. She didn't respond at all. So I asked where the cops where and went to their box, all the while keeping that grim saying in my mind. And wouldn't you know it, that cop woke her up (just let her walk away), but took my name and phone number. Why? I don't think they are gonna send me a good Samaritan award.

PS, they choose some intimidating foreigners to get people to go to clubs. Does that really work?