December 23, 2007

Lifecards (of the 恋愛傾向 sort)

"Which card will you use? That is the question."
Perhaps you have seen those Japanese commericals where the guy has to choose which life card to play.
This site gives you cards based on your name. And the life involved is a little different; if you speak Japanese, you are laughing at me right now.

by 無料ゲーム屋「ふりーむ!」

The cards are: 9 thighs (or neither regions?!), 9 thighs, homosexuality, or 4 thighs. No matter what name I put in, it seemed to give cruel results.
orz. But if someone could describe better what it means to have 9 thighs, in as little lurid detail as possible, I'd appreciate it.