December 13, 2007


Sleep does not come when I eat. But I made the mistake of eating tacos late. And when I eat tacos, I can't stop. I ate literally 12 tacos over the course of the night. Cause I couldn't sleep. Due to the tacos. Which I kept eating. Cause of the no sleep to stop me thing. Are you seeing the pattern?

So that didn't help too much when I had to give my presentation to 50 old people today. I talked about my home state of Wyoming, and somehow managed to make it look interesting (thanks, Yellowstone!). My bosses wanted me to speak Tara-ben the whole time, but it is hard enough to remember to use keigo, which we previously established I don't use. Cause of tacos--No! But yeah, lots of doubly finished sentences today, like, "雪がよくふるっ--ふります!”So local dialect was right out. I'm not sure how to mix it with keigo anyhow; there is a Saga-ben equivalent to the masu-form, but I've never heard it out loud.
In my insomnia I turned to a pirated online version of the Space Farmer. Despite it's crappyness, not even this brought me sleep. I laughed during his first failed launch though. Not so much when he decided to risk everyone's lives by doing it again. And where did the money come from?! Bad movie.