February 22, 2008


So a teacher ran to the window and said, "○-kun is in a fight!" We all rushed to the gym. I expected two boys to be fighting, but it was a bunch of boys holding one back from attacking no one in particular. Then it was the teacher's turn to hold him back as the students were told to go prepare lunch. He slipped out of their grip and I grabbed him, telling him in English to calm down. Then back to the normal teachers.

After that I went to go guard the door, with an odd amount of adrenaline in my system, making my legs quiver a little. The student was still kicking around and saying, "Let me go, damn it!" while crying. It reminded me of the Japanese movies I've seen. Later I told the teachers how that usually doesn't happen in American school fights. The kids get broken up and calm down fairly fast when a teacher shows up, unless they're crazy.

Later I handed the kid his slippers and gave him a there-there pat on the back.

Your word for the day is バイキング which does not mean one of those Norse guys wearing a pointy helmet, but rather buffet. 喧嘩の後、○くんが僕の側に座った。そしてバイキングの食べ物を膨れっ面をしたまま彼と一緒に食べた。