February 4, 2008

Season 4 Episode 1

Surprises/things you may have missed in the LOST season premiere:

Lock gives birth to a marmot, as the island willed it.

Naomi sits up and pretends nothing happened. "This knife? Nah, didn't really notice," she says nonchalantly.

Shot of Charlie's corpse, with suspicious bubble floating out from his back end. Producers claim this is not an easter egg and will be edited out before the DVDs come out.

Time doesn't work that way, Mr. 90 seconds in one minute.

Oddly enough I wander through the background. I was pretty surprised by that, and am wondering where this plot point goes. Will I get a back story before the polar bear gets hers?

Jack does the cabbage patch. Then he waves his hands in the air. He exuberantly encourages others to join in "Like they just don't care." Nobody joins in and his whoops get quieter as he realizes he is alone in his celebration dance. Rose shakes her head.

Sawyer says, "Oh crap, who is taking care of the numbers?!" before embarrassedly remembering that the hatch blew up a while ago. "Well, I wasn't here..."

Doc Brown drives the van up to Hurley. "It's your kids! They're morbidly obese!"