February 5, 2008

Rubber noses make furrowed brows

There may be some among you that have found my shared items on my blog, powered by Google Reader. It's a beautiful thing, this monolithic Google letting me share all kinds of weirdness, but what I'm trying to say is this: Don't judge me by what I share, if you can. I don't share just the items that I think are cool, but what I think will get people thinking or even yelling. Case in point: A Daily Portal Z article in which a Japanese man basically puts on black face to look like presidential hopeful (that may change by tomorrow) Barrack Obama. Oh and he has a big rubber gaijin nose too.
I'm a little conflicted; I like Daily Portal Z and I think this thing gets funny at times. Especially when Hillary shows up in the article. Then there is the politically-correct, and dare I say oppressed at times, foreigner side to me that always feels its a bad idea to paint yourself up like a black man, or a white woman for that matter. Then yet again, this could be political satire so sophisticated it goes over my head.
So yeah it's in my shared items. But I am ambivalent about it. Which is probably more than I can say for the people involved.