February 21, 2008

The February pandemic

February is everywhere this month, for reasons I have yet to ascertain. But I know this, around the second month of every year, we get stuck with something I and my friends call February. It brings with it cold and dullness of mind.

I think it would be a good time for me to take a break from the internet (which always gets boring when infected with Febs). I want to get that LOST video done and then be off into books or something for a while. But some jerk made me feel bad about reading because it's passive. So maybe I will study, but Februaries have gotten into my Japanese too. The other day I couldn't remember how to spell the word for 男. I tried おとく and just stared at the screen.
Today I forgot that 次 is not すぎ. Februaries up in my Japanese, verbin my nouns.

And I gots to write a resume.
your words for the day are 大学芋 with got it's name from popularity among college students, and すごい and すごく which are two words that are similar enough to kill me.
大学芋すごい人気である。 大学芋すごく人気がある。These may or may not be correct; have fun with that.